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If the amount of tattoo removal procedures are growing by 39%, is your practice growing at this rate? If not, we can help you remedy that.

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Across the globe, you will read and hear that people are getting their bodies inked. One in five Americans has a tattoo and 50% of them desire to have something about their tattoos changed or removed. Every day, as more and more people get tattoos, just as many of those people, who received tattoos in the past want to change something about a tattoo they received in the past. Commonly, it could be a name or change of personal taste or just an overall change of environment and profession that leads someone to get their tattoos changed.

Right now, there’s one clear and the best way to remove a tattoo. It’s with laser tattoo removal. Which leads us to one of the fastest growing and lucrative industries right now which is the laser tattoo removal industry. If you are reading this, I’m assuming you have the desire to open a clinic, offer the service, or are currently running one as we speak and want more clients. Either way, below are some great tips for marketing a laser tattoo removal practice.

Understanding Your Local Target Market

The first and the foremost important tip of any successful business are to understand your business and the ideal client you will serve. You’ve got to understand their hopes, desires, dreams, pains, and beliefs. Knowing them and what they’re looking for and hoping for is going to provide great insight into how you can help them. Doing this research early on is going to give you a significant competitive advantage in the market as it grows and becomes more competitive. How can you do this? You can interview people about their tattoos and ask them if they ever considered getting any removed and “why?” Asking “why?” is going to pull back the curtain on what your ideal client wants. Only with the knowledge of who you serve and what they want can we move forward and adequately market our services.

From knowing what your ideal client wants, we can move forward and create a marketing plan that’s going to grow the business exponentially. We’ve found our target client, and we understand their goals. Now, we can position our practice in front of them in an effective and efficient way.

Right now, the landscape online is very competitive. With a major shift in how people shop, it’s no longer about getting ad space in the newspaper or running a radio ad. We call these traditional marketing techniques and for some things, they’re still valuable. But with a cutting edge procedure like laser tattoo removal, it’s not adequate or effective.
The person searching for this procedures is looking to see the proof and learn about the process and understand the price and the procedures. They’ve got questions and are looking for answers. So how do you think they’re finding these answers and exploring the procedures? They’re searching online first and foremost. It’s just a fact. There’s no arguing that today’s shopping habits for local procedures, and especially medical procedures revolve around a search online via phone or laptop to learn more and understand the entire process.

This is why we focus on SEO and our client’s websites as their greatest lead generation machine. Search engine optimization is by far the greatest ROI producing marketing technique for local businesses to get patients picking up the phone and calling. Some of the advantages are that SEO traffic is “free” while other methods are costly and require continual investment.

Here’s a quick rundown of the value provided. With the right website, setup correctly and positioned in front of people actively searching for the procedure in your local area. You can demonstrate that your service will solve that problem they have and provide that solution. With this, the people in your area searching for your service can find it.

If you can mix this superior positioning online with a social media presence that allows interactions with your clients and demonstrates how great you are at removing tattoos. You stand to engage truly and grow a tribe of followers and fans, who will go out and tell others about your practice and your unique offering. We’d like to help your tattoo removal practice dominate. Get in contact with us here and learn more here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]