History of Parker Colorado

Parker, Colorado: The Past and the Present

According to legend, trails were established due to the native Indians hunting activities in 1800’s where Arapahoe, Utes, and Cheyenne were the ancient residents. Years later, this area was explored by men including James Pursley, Stephen Long and John Charles Fremont. In 1858, Gold was discovered in the state of Colorado, and people utilize this for trading, trapping and for gold seeking activities. The trail stretched in Cherry Creek; a neighborhood close to Parker. From here, approximately 100 000 locals and migrants followed the path hoping to find fortune and later on settling in the area.

Parker is the exact definition of a suburban area where you can have easy access to the city. The town is situated approximately 32.19 kilometers from Denver. Founded in 1864 by Alfred Butters which started as a simple house with one room. The house was built in the place that is now known Parker United Methodist Church. MR. Butters provided shelter for locals and travelers. Furthermore, legends said that he traded the house for pairs of oxen to Mr. Goldsmith which later on sold to Mr. and Mrs. George Long.

Now, the couple was able to move the home on the Main Street and improved it by making it a two-story building with ten more rooms. In addition to this, the couple built a place for their animals and some wagons. Mr. Long named the place 20 Mile House because the site is 20 miles away from Denver. Years past, the couple decided to trade it for a span of mules to Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Doud which later on believed sold to James Parker in 1870.

As the new owner of the place, Parker prospered the 20 Mile House. He built facilities like post office, trenches, and lines for telephone, and Railroads. When his daughter reached six years old, he developed a schoolhouse across from the 20 Mile House and provided salary plus board and lodging accommodations for the first 12 months.

Unfortunately, his son died in the year 1874, followed by his other son in 1882 and his wife in 1887. All his family members were buried in the now named J.S Parker Cemetery, and when he died, he was buried next to his wife. James’s brother, George was able to establish various facilities in the eastern part of the place. From a saloon to blacksmith shops, the town is thriving, and businesses started growing. Years later, schools, churches, dry goods shops, etc. have been built.

The Parker, Colorado Today

The population in Parker, Colorado has now reached over 45, 000 in the year of 2014 which started to increase since 2000. Parker is now one of the business centers in Colorado which offers convenience for its residents and business owners. Travelers are very welcome to explore the nature while enjoying the touch of the urbanized city. There is a museum that preserved the history of the town and other cultural establishments. There are Parks open to all where individuals and kids get to experience the natural heat of the sun on a windy day while observing wildlife in the parks. There are recreational facilities too for indoor activities.

For travelers and locals with a big appetite and wanted to taste only the great food, Parker offers that as well. Most of the restaurants in Parker, Colorado were awarded the Certificate of Excellence by travelers around the world. India’s Kitchen Restaurant is for individuals who want to get a taste of the delicacies of the native Indians.

The restaurant offers a variety of foods for adults and kids. They even have a buffet which many travelers get to enjoy. Some of the restaurants here still live by the town’s historic name just like the Parker Garage Restaurant. Apart from their incredible and mouthwatering meals, they make sure that every customer is comfortable. Just like what Mr. Parker did when he built the house, he provided shelter to travelers. The management of the restaurant would like to translate the hospitality of the locals through excellent customer service and a unique atmosphere.

If you are one of the million Americans who love to shop, then Parker is the perfect place for you. They have a lot of shopping malls accessible for every part of town. The Pinkberry Lane Boutique is located on Lincoln Ave and is excellent when it comes to addressing women’s fashion and trends. They assist the customer with finding the best clothes that compliment your body type. The Kohl’s shopping store got almost everything you need for your home and clothing needs. The store is situated on Twenty Mile Road. Parker, Colorado has a lot to offer from business to recreation and from residential homes to various establishments. The history that still carries its print today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][mkdf_button size=”” type=”” hover_type=”” target=”_self” icon_pack=”” font_weight=”100″ link=”https://www.targetedlaserseo.com/seo-parker/”][/vc_column][/vc_row]