Things to do in Lakewood Colorado

Are you fond of outdoor activities or planning an exciting vacation? Do you like the smell of the fresh air of nature? Do you need a break from your busy life in the city? If so, Lakewood, Colorado is the best place for you.

Lakewood is the place where relaxation comes in many forms which your friends and family will enjoy. Lakewood, Colorado has over 80 parks that are preserved, protected and supported by the local governments for everyone to enjoy.

Today, the population of Lakewood is more than 147, 214 as of 2013, which put it on the 172nd most populated city in the US. Lakewood is one of the top five largest towns and is the best place to view the Rocky Mountain Foothills. So what are you waiting for? Check out Lakewood and create never-ending memories.

Lakewood Heritage Center:

Seizing the past events at the Lakewood Heritage Center. They say that embracing the historical events makes us understand our present times. If you like to go back in time and witness the beauty that lies underneath the city’s history; Lakewood Heritage Center will tell you the story thru its 30,000 artifacts and ten magnificent structures. The Museum is situated in Belmar Park which is perfect for a family getaway. Furthermore, the Lakewood Heritage Center which recently was named a Certified Colorado Creative District provides fun, educational outdoor activities in the festival and amphitheater area for the whole family. Also, make sure to check out the museum store where you can buy retro items.

Lakewood Cultural Center

Visit the Lakewood Cultural Center for maximum entertainment. This 320-seater in a 38, 000 square feet area is for individuals who adore watching various cultural activities and performances by celebrated local artists, affiliated schools, and different performing art groups. The center was established to preserve and enhance the artistic talents of everyone and unveil their ability to the world. The Lakewood Cultural Center has a gallery space for people who want to showcase their work; it has classrooms for educational purposes and a community room for the local community.

Bear Creek Lake Park

Exploring the Bear Creek Lake Park with your family. The park is one of the best places to visit for fun outdoor activities. For individuals who love to breathe fresh air and get outdoors this park is perfect for you. Visitors are encouraged to try the park’s program that aims to educate people on how to take good care of the environment and animals while having fun. Horseback riding, water skiing, cycling, camping, fishing and wildlife viewing are just some of the many activities that you and your friends can try. Passes are available either online or at the park entrance.

Hayden Park

Go hiking in Hayden Park on Green Mountain. The 2400 acres of Green Mountain makes it the second largest park in the city of Lakewood. This place is perfect for people who like to work out while enjoying the breathtaking view of the mountains. Green Mountain offers an adrenaline rush for the visitors and a safe habitat for diverse wildlife animals such as rattlesnake, deer, hawks and more.

Colorado Mills

Indulge in your shopping pleasure by visiting the Colorado Mills. The gigantic shopping mall features lots of signature items from head to toe apparel. You can bring your whole family shopping, and take a break in one of their excellent restaurants while enjoying a panoramic view of the mountains.

Crown Hill Park

Appreciate the abundance of life through a full range of leisure activities in Crown Hill Park. Almost all visitors who visit the park express their admiration for the park because it serves as a local retreat. The park is located between Garland and Garrison Street and stretches along 26th Avenue. Just like any other park, Crown Hill follows a strict policy to protect both the wildlife and the visitors.

Kendrick Lake Park

Reserve a table in Kendrick Lake Park. This park is located at 9351 West Jewell Avenue and is open from 5 in the morning till 10 in the evening every day. The Kendrick Lake Park is a child-friendly environment perfect for your kids. Trees and flower-bearing plants are abundant in the area for fresher and cleaner air. The park is ideal for barbecuing because it can accommodate up to 60 individuals.

Great Frontier Brewing Company

Grab a beer at the Great Frontier Brewing Company. They say that the best two things in Colorado are the nature and the crafted beer. Both provide ultimate relaxation, and if you want to taste only the best, visit the Great Frontier Brewing Company. They offer gluten-free beer that won a gold medal award at the Great American Beer Competition. Who wouldn’t want one?

Hyperspace Arcade

Spend a day at the Hyperspace Arcade. Missing old school games? Well, there is a place in Lakewood which gives respect to classics. The Hyperspace Arcade offers a total of 108 machines for everyone, and due to its overwhelming demand, the establishment is open six days a week. There are lots of favorite classic games such as the Tempest or the Frogger which will bring you back to the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s era. The best part here is, you can play all day for just ten bucks. Classic.

BluCore Shooting Center

Fire a bullet in BluCore Shooting Center. For your ultimate adventure, you can check out the BluCore Shooting Center and learn how to use a pistol. The indoor shooting range is well ventilated to promote comfortable and satisfying experience during the firearms training.

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