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Trevor and his team at Targeted Laser SEO are true professionals- they are knowledgeable, genuine, and easy to work with. They offer immediately actionable advice, tips, and strategies to bring your business to the next level. Michael Kim


Trevor and the Targeted Laser SEO team are expert and awesome at what they do! Even before we started to discuss a contracted engagement with them, they provided incredible insights that led us to an improved ROI. Kevin Walker


Digital marketing is an increasing trend, and has evolved into a much more complex practice than what it once was. Digital marketing continues to grow and is now useful more than ever as technology continues to evolve, and the increase in hand held devices like cell phones and tablets continues to climb. Philadelphia is known to be one of the most profitable places for cell phones production throughout the entire United States. To survive in this dynamic business environment, putting yourself and your business online is crucial.

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If You Are a Business Owner In Philadelphia, Here Is Why You Should Invest In Digital Marketing

1. Affordability:

One of the best benefits of digital marketing is that it is very affordable. Traditional marketing techniques like newspaper and magazines advertisements are nice, but can cost a lot of money. Compared to these traditional marketing methods, digital marketing campaigns are extremely cost effective. If you are working on a very low budget, you can still participate in digital marketing! You can start with blog promotions, social media promotions or email advertising. And once you can generate more revenue, you can invest in SEO or Google Adwords services. Even if you are a relatively new business owner or if you are just starting out, you will still be on an equal playing field with the big businesses.

2. Measure Your Results:

Digital Marketing allows you to manage and track the progress of your campaigns. With the help of platforms like Google Analytics, you have the ability to track the important parameters like conversion rates, click-through rates and cost per click (CPC). You can monitor how many people are opening your emails and how many people are visiting your website, which allows you the ability to adjust and change your campaign to fit your target audience better. Ifyou are not satisfied with the results, you may make some changes to your campaign or make a new separate campaign. You can also create different digital marketing strategies. Go through the results of each and find out which one works the best for your business.

3. Global Reach:

If you want to expand your business, then digital marketing is the best way to go. Through a digital marketing campaign, you have the capability to reach out to people from all over the world. You can expand as much as you want, so much that you can create separate campaigns for each particular city, state, country, or targeted area.

4. Connect With Your Audience: 

Another major benefit of digital marketing is that makes it possible to connect directly with your customers. Through social media platforms or other digital platforms, you can easily communicate back and fourth. This will help you get an idea about your clients behavior, personality, and the latest trends in demand.

5. Reach Out To Your Mobile Customers:

In this era of smartphone devices, you can’t ignore the importance of mobile advertising. If you look at the stats, you will find that in the US, 91% of all adults use their phones for browsing the internet. If created a mobile advertising campaign, you will be able to reach out to a wide variety of potential clients.

6. 24/7 Brand Optimization:

In this cutthroat era of competition, to stay ahead of your competitors, it is very important to build brand awareness to ensure customer loyalty. And digital marketing can help you develop a strategy to overcome that. For example, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important elements of digital marketing. Customers always trust websites that appears on the first page of search engines results. If your site manages to always stay at the top, people will trust you more. And thanks to digital marketing, you are marketing your brand 24/7. Whenever anyone is online, he or she can access your site. There is no opening hours or closing hours and the results are long term. If you manage to create a successful campaign, the benefits will last for many years.

7. Flexible:

Another major advantage of digital marketing is that it is highly flexible. You can consider the preferences and wants of your customers and tailor your marketing message to follow their wants and needs. For example, you can send a personalized email to each of your customers. It will help you to develop a more cordial relationship with them, and nowadays most customers prefer a customized experience, it says a lot about who you are.