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Day & Medical Spa Marketing Tips for Digital Dominance in 2017

Video #1 – Websites that convert local visitors to clients for your medical spa.

Video #2 – How Can We Get Clients Quickly

Video #3 – How can we get local clients for our Medspa free with a hyper-local SEO campaign

Video #4 – Online Reputation Management for Doctors and Medspa Business Owners

Video #5 – Importance of a Mobile Optimized Website – Medical Spa Marketing

Video #6 – Problems with SEO Agencies and Business Owners

Video #7 – Medical Spa Digital Branding Campaigns

Video #8 – Medispa Social Media Management

Additional Resources for you to leverage if you are currently running a medical spa by clicking this link. http://www.targetedlaserseo.com/medical-spa-marketing/

Video #1 Transcript: Websites for local business owners that convert visitors into paying customers and clients.

That is your websites you know these are websites, you know websites that somebody looking for your services is going to be able to find easily and use easily. Meaning with their cell phones they’re able to pull up your site and call you to get that consultation schedule, to book their appointment, you name it, you know that’s what we’ve got to look at first so we’re looking at websites, we’re looking at mobile friendly; how you know well it works for that user and then we’re also looking at how fast does it load on that mobile device because we know how important it is to load fast because if not the people are backing out of it. And that’s the first thing to look at with you know marketing your clinic online.

Video #2 Transcript: How To Get New Medical Spa Clients Quickly?

Alright second thing to look at for marketing clinic online that we’re going to you know take a look at is like how do we get in front of people that are already looking for what you have to offer so it doesn’t matter what you treatment or service is you know there’s people locally that are looking for what you have to offer so that starts with things like making sure you Google my business is organised correctly as well as you know leveraging paperclip, Google Ad Words or you know paid social advertising like Facebook ads, things like that, so we know that we want to get in front of the people that are looking, how can we do that as quickly as possible.

There’s really like two things that we focus on and that is you know advertising in the Google Maps listings, so you know when you pull up your phone and you see that map listing we can put an ad there so that’s absolutely important because someone locally in your area that wants what you have can find you instantly. You don’t have to wait for SEO rankings to take effect you can do that you know tomorrow and then along the same lines people are searching for your services using regular Google ad words, we would do that as well. So the second thing to summarize is just to leverage a paid advertising channel like Ad words or Google Ad Words express that will allow us to get in front of traffic and people searching for what we have to offer instantly.

Video #3 Transcript: How to get clients with hyperlocal SEO?

Hi, the number three thing and probably the most important is Search Engine Optimization and local SEO. The ability to show up locally you know month after month and as we’re gaining rankings, getting that exposure from the people in your area that are already looking for what you have to offer, that’s the most important thing the problem is it takes some time to do that. If you’re starting from no exposure and you want to be number one it’s going to take time so that’s why it’s something that we absolutely want to start as quickly as possible because it’s going to allow your clinic to be successful in the long-term and it’s going to pay dividends I mean you’re talking about seven/eight you know fifteen/twenty new clients a month for free that you don’t have to pay for once you achieve that positioning in our line. So that’s the number three most important thing for you know growing your clinic online or using online to do so.

Video #4 Transcript: Online Reputation Management for Doctors and Surgeons

Alright, the number four most important thing is to manage your reputation online. Alright right now there’s you know things have changed, ten years ago you know how did people look at reviews for a business? Well, it was like that word of mouth you know people would talk it. Well, now you know if someone has a bad experience they pull out their phone, they jump on Yelp, they go to Google and leave a review on Facebook you name it. They can leave these reviews because negative reviews have an impact on your business so what you want to do is be proactive in managing that reputation you know, there’s always going to be you know someone who leaves a bad reviews you know for some reason that’s out of your control but being active in managing that and getting more positive online reviews is going to help build your trust, your authority in the market so you’re able to you know when somebody sees you and another clinic and you have more positive reviews and they can see that, and everybody that goes here loves it, it’s going to make their buying decisions that much easier and it’s you know 88% of people right now are using online reviews to decide where to get their healthcare. **One correction, it’s actually 92% of people as per a later study.**

Video#5 Transcript: Importance of a Mobile Optimized Website for Local Business Owners

Hyperlocal marketing & advertising, what you need to know. The likelihood that somebody will find you on a mobile phone and ends up visiting your location is… converts way higher and you’re more likely to get that client than any other you know to search on the Internet. Why is that, because locally if they’re looking for you have, they’re using your phone and they’re finding their solution that’s natural for them to want to take the next step; call you, get scheduled and get into the clinic.

Video #6 Transcript: Problems Local Business Owners & Digital Marketing Agencies

So what’s the number one reason that businesses, business owners, entrepreneurs struggle with working with SEO agencies you know we see this time and time again that there’s really two things that kind of come up: one of them is that the business owners themselves you know you may not understand what SEO is, what it does, how it can help your business and then when somebody is doing it for you then it’s hard to understand what exactly they’re doing and what that value that you is providing.

So the biggest issue that we see is a lack of understanding on both parties and the business owners maybe not understanding what the agency is doing and the agency not clearly articulating what they are doing and it’s not the fault of the business owner because as a business owner you knew damn well you don’t have time to learn a whole new tradecraft you know you do what you do because that’s what you do and you’re most likely the best at it you know, for you to understand digital marketing and SEO and paid digital advertising is just way too much on your plate when you’re already running your business so let’s talk to you how do you overcome this in the future when you want to hire an SEO team.

Well, have them teach you what it is they’re doing, spend that time learning what it is they’re doing and what you can expect you know from their efforts and then additionally set up metrics of key performance indicators if you want to say KPI of hey this is how we’re going to measure success you know, we’re going to measure success by increases in traffic to the site or something like you know how many increases in organic search engine result you know position online for this keyword search. That’s how you can set yourself up to succeed working with an SEO agency.

Video #7 Transcript: Digital Marketing For Medical Spa Business Owners – The Importance of a Branding Campaign in Your Marketing

Small business owners and how do you brand yourself online, how do you create that differentiation? We talked about, in some other videos we talked about how if you are not different, if you’re not unique, if you’re fighting and competing on cost and it’s just a bad cycle of you know overall it’s just tough like you end up getting in price wars; dropping your price, cutting your margins, hurts everybody so one key aspect to overcoming that and being different is to brand yourself online in a really effective way, a way that makes you different shows how unique you are- the special things that you do that nobody else does. So how do you do that?

Well, one way is to make sure you’re active on your social media channels, make sure that you are you know posting relevant content. Make sure that you have a consistent theme in what you do if you’re the best at this you know talk about that; if you’re the best at this and we do it this way and that’s what makes us different. You have to be willing to you know do some authentic self-promotion of your business because if you truly are the best then take your position as the best and tell people you’re the best because you are comfortable as the best. And part of that is keeping that social media presence alive and active, you don’t have to pick you know go around like crazy you know trying to post on every channel but post on the one channel that you know most of your clients or your you know customers hang out on and then automate the rest so that you maintain that relevancy on the other channels.

Additionally, make sure your site and the theme of that site backs up kind of that social media presence and what you want to portray to the market your know and additionally produce content. Don’t be afraid to have videos done to you know, right content that’s valuable to the people you serve you know people want that enhanced experience. They don’t want a transactional you know I bought it and never deal with them again; they want to learn how to use it if it’s a prop, they want to you know learn the best ways to you know to protect their skin if they’re getting skincare treatment somewhere you name it they want more of that experience beyond just a transaction. So those are some quick steps that you can use to help get branded online with your site, social media and producing relevant content for your audience.

Video #8 Transcript: Social Media Management for Medispa & Day Spa Owners

Alright, social media marketing alright huge pain in the (beep that out, it doesn’t matter) but here’s the deal right you have social media and you can’t ignore it. As a business order, if you’re like us you have enough on your plat every day that having to post on social media and that’s a huge headache while you’re trying to grow your business you know and you’re trying to make… deliver the value they do in the market and all of a sudden now you have post selection. So how do we overcome that, well we start with strategy, what social media channel matters the most for our audience because if we’re dealing with an older crowd you know it’s Facebook?

If we’re dealing with a younger crowd it’s maybe not Facebook and maybe it’s Instagram because it’s more millennial-centric you know or if we’re looking at you know it’s video HOWTOs and it’s a YouTube audience or if it crafts it may be pictures you name it there’s got to be a social media channel that has a better fit for your audience and that goes back to understanding who do you serve, the demographics all they are, you know who’s that ideal client and then you focus on that too that’s the channel that you put your most valuable stuff on that you share with, that you engage with, that you monitor actively, that’s your commitment as a business owner, keep your eye on that channel.

So what do we do with the other channels? Simple we just automate so that when we feed one channel it feeds the other channels and we maintain that relevance because there are people on other channels like Twitter and other ones. We want to keep stuff posting on it, keep building that audience and you know that in terms will help grow our business you know but at the same time we’re not being overwhelmed, we’re not dealing with the pain of having to post on all of these channels, we’re not trying to dump it off somewhere else and we’re surely not paying social media manager you know hundreds of thousands of dollars a month to do that you know we just leverage technology to overcome them.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]