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Michael and Trevor at Targeted Laser SEO meet with me at my salon. Two of the most knowledgeable SEO pros I’ve worked with. They said give me three weeks and you’ll be on the first page of Google. I was there in two weeks. Thanks guys. Patric Carrillo


Trevor and his team at Targeted Laser SEO are true professionals- they are knowledgeable, genuine, and easy to work with. They offer immediately actionable advice, tips, and strategies to bring your business to the next level. Michael Kim


Trevor and the Targeted Laser SEO team are expert and awesome at what they do! Even before we started to discuss a contracted engagement with them, they provided incredible insights that led us to an improved ROI. Kevin Walker



Who Are We?


Targeted Laser SEO is a Maryland SEO company. We’ve been running successful SEO marketing campaigns for over 10 years now, and have helped dozens of businesses increase their SEO and consequently BOOST business.


We integrate beautiful web design and a hyperlocal marketing strategies to quickly and effectively increase your SEO.


If you don’t believe us, you can take a look at some of our case studies by clicking the “Case Studies” tab at the top of the page.


Why do you need SEO?


Think about this:


About 5 minutes ago you probably searched for “SEO company Maryland,” “Maryland SEO services” or maybe “local SEO Maryland” into Google, right?


And now you’re here. You’re on this site. Can we agree on that?


Well, I’ve optimized this website for SEO purposes so that folks like you would land on this site when you search for keywords like that.

Does this make sense?


Let me explain why your business needs SEO in a different way. Through a story.


I want you to imagine that you’re a tutoring company in Maryland.


Just stay with me. I promise you this will all make sense.


And let’s say there’s a 10th grader named Rick.


Rick’s struggling in school. He does his homework and puts in a lot of effort. But his grades are still low. As an athlete he’s now on academic probation and pretty soon won’t be able to participate.


His mom wants to help him.


So what does Rick’s mom do?


Rick’s mom pulls out her cell phone and searches for one of two things on Google:


1. “High school tutor in _____, Maryland” (whichever town she lives in)


2. “High school tutor near me”


And here’s where the story gets a bit sad.


When Google runs its fancy algorithm to help Rick’s mom find a tutor, your business doesn’t show up…


So Rick’s mom hires your competitor. She buys this competitor’s bundle deal:10 tutoring sessions for $450.


And just like that, you missed out on $450 worth of business. And this happened just because your SEO wasn’t optimized.


How does this relate to your business?


There’s always going to be people trying to solve their problems, learn information through relevant articles, or find a product or service by searching on Google.


And if they’re looking for a business or service like yours, and you don’t show up, then you’re missing out on potentially thousands of dollars.


And as a small business owner this should be keeping you awake at night.


And I’m almost positive that SEO can help you capitalize on those missed customers.


Increasing your SEO is essentially like hiring a salesman that will work for you 24 hours a day.


Do you remember this overly-energetic salesman for the ShamWow?


Well if you don’t, he was incredible.


If you’ve optimized your SEO, it’s like having this guy work for you 24/7. Not a bad deal.


While this is a silly example, I hope it makes something clear:


Having optimized SEO takes the burden off you to make sales. People will begin to organically find you.


There will always be people searching on Google for your product or service.


And if you’re allowing your competitors to capitalize on the thousands (or maybe even tens of thousands) of the locals that are searching on Google (with wallets open and ready), then you’re missing out.


“Okay, I understand why SEO is important. But how does SEO actually work?”


This section might get a bit complex, so stay with me.


SEO is essentially your effort to prove to Google that you’re the best fit for what people are searching for.


The next part is relatively technical:


Google has a detailed algorithm (known as PageRank) that’s based on intricate mathematical formulas.


This algorithm is used to determine just one thing:


The algorithm is used to determine which websites should rank highest for each Google search query.


Now that you know this, SEO is just a matter of making Google happy by aligning with its algorithm.


You’ve got to work within Google’s algorithm convince Google that you’re the best site for whatever main keywords you’re trying to hit.


If you want to rank for “best dance school in Maryland” then you need to prove to Google why you’re the best dance school in Maryland.


Think of increasing your SEO like figure skating:


How do figure skating competitions work?


The figure skater goes out on the ice, does some pretty impressive jumps and spins, and then the judges give them a score.


You agree, right?


The judges break up the routine into categories. Then they score each category separately.


The ground routine is considered a category (where they dance and skate around without doing any jumps).


Jumps are a separate category.


Jumping spins are another separate category.


In couples figure skating, when the man throws his female partner in the air and catches her is another category.


You get the idea. There are many categories to earn points.


But not only this:


Certain tricks of higher difficulty have the potential to earn a skater more points. For example, if the figure skater lands a triple axel then that will earn them more points than landing a double axel.


What does figure skating actually have to do with increasing my SEO?


The judges score the figure skaters based on different categories.


Google does the same thing.


Google “judges” you on a bunch of different categories to determine how high you should be ranked.


Google judges you on:


  • The quality of your website
  • How many people visit your website each day
  • How long people stay on your website
  • How many pages visitors go to on your site
  • The “keywords” you have (or don’t have) on your website
  • How many “backlinks” you have (backlinks are when other websites add a hyperlink that links back to your site)


As you can see, there are a ton of different categories that Google looks into.


And some categories are worth more than other categories.


For example, having backlinks (which shows the authority of your site) is more important to Google than if you properly compressed images (although Google still looks into this).


How You Can Get The Perfect SEO Score


In figure skating the goal is to get the best score so that you can win first place in the competition.


Google works the same way. Your job is to get a better score than any other website that’s ranking for the same keywords that you are.


And if you can beat out all the other competition?


You’ll be ranked number one.


But what can you do to get the perfect SEO score?


Check out 3 tips below to increase your SEO


These tips are not based on my opinion. They’re based on what Google has actually said are the three most important factors they look at when determining a page’s ranking.


Publish Relevant and Useful Content:



Content is the best way to increase your SEO. By adding content to your website that your audience actually wants to read or watch, then you can expect your SEO to increase.


Here’s why content is so important:


If you publish great content, then other bloggers, businesses and/or customers will link to it. They’ll share it on their social media. They’ll add it to their LinkedIn. Or if they have a reputable website they may even add a link there.


These all generate backlinks. Backlinks are Google’s way of determining your authority. By having a lot of backlinks, Google will start to increase your SEO because its algorithm has more trust in your content.


Also, if you add content that folks resonate with, they’ll will spend more time engaging with it (which increases dwell time, and consequently increases SEO).


Lastly, add as many relevant keywords to your content as possible so that Google’s algorithm will easily be able to identify what it’s about. If Google knows what your content is about, it point related search queries to your site.



Continuously Optimize Your Website



I’ll first explain what your website shouldn’t do.


Your website shouldn’t:


  • Be hard to navigate for the user
  • Be aesthetically unpleasant or appear “cheap”
  • Have advertisements bombarding the user
  • Have a ridiculous amount of navigation buttons at the top of the page
  • Brag and focus on how awesome you and your business
  • Have any faulty links or 404 errors


Instead, your website should:


  • Be clean, appear professional, and reflect your brand
  • Be simple and easy to navigate for the user
  • Be engaging and get the user intrigued and want to learn more
  • Be clear and guide the user to where they need to go (most likely lead them to a call-to-action to make an appointment, schedule a phone call, or buy your product or service)
  • Load quickly so that users don’t leave before they even arrive at your page
  • Have content that adds value to the user. This can be articles, images, videos, infographics, and more
  • Integrate with Google My Business to establish local optimization



Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users


People are now more likely to be searching on their smartphones than they are on a desktop computer.


They’re even just as likely to be making actual purchases from their smartphones.


Although this is the case, you should optimize your mobile website for an even more important reason.


Google has officially switched to a Mobile-First Index.


This means that the desktop version of your website is no longer the primary version that Google looks at. Now, Google will see your mobile website as the primary version.


So here’s what you need to do to optimize your mobile website:


  • Make sure your mobile website loads quickly.
  • Don’t hide information on your mobile site (this used to be standard practice when the desktop version of your site was seen as the main version).
  • Minify your code using one of these sites
  • Properly compress your videos and images so that your mobile website doesn’t load slowly.