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Targeted Laser SEO is a Kansas City SEO company. As a firm in the Kansas City SEO services industry for over 10 years now, our FIRST priority is increasing your SEO to boost your business exponentially.


We’ve helped dozens of businesses grow with our hyperlocal SEO strategy, digital marketing expertise, and beautiful web design services.  


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Common SEO Questions


As a small business owner, you’re probably running around focusing on your business.


You’re meeting with clients. You’re making sure customers are happy. And you’re unfortunately trying to figure out payroll.


So most likely you haven’t had the time to sit down to fully understand what SEO is, how SEO works, and if your organization could benefit from a Kansas SEO service.


Below I’ve answered some of the most common SEO questions that small business owners have.


What is SEO?


SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.”


I know this definition doesn’t help much, so I’ll explain what SEO is in simpler terms:


Google has a fancy algorithm to determine which websites show up whenever submits a Google search.


And by engaging in SEO optimization, you’re proving to Google that your website is the best source of information to answer questions that folks have about keywords related to your business or the content you have on your website.


You’re probably curious as to what tactics you can use to increase your website’s SEO:


But before I get into the details of how you can increase your SEO, I’ll first explain why SEO is important.


“Why does my website need SEO?”

I think I know a lot about you. More than you’d expect.


I bet that over the last couple of months you’ve been frustrated with how your website has been performing.


You’ve been stressed out. As a small business owner you’ve been doing everything you can to make sure your business will thrive in the future.


And your website hasn’t been helping your business too much.


So about five minutes ago you finally took action:


You searched “Kansas City Search Engine Optimization,” “top marketing companies in Kansas City,” or maybe “local SEO Kansas City” in Google, right?


And now you’re reading this sentence, yeah?


The fact that you’re here on this page proves that SEO works and is important.


I’ve spent days… No, I’ve spent weeks optimizing this website for SEO to try to get people like you on this page.


And you’re here.


But now that I think about it, that’s really not that important to you.


Let me explain why you need SEO through a story.


And this story happens hundreds of times each day and costs businesses like yours THOUSANDS of dollars.

I want you to use your imagination. Really use your imagination.


As you read this, close your eyes and put yourself in this person’s shoes. Imagine that it’s your business that you’ve worked so hard to build.


Here we go:


Imagine you’re a plumber in Kansas City.


Now, visualize a stressed out father named Ryan who lives in Kansas City.


Ryan gets home from work late one night. Right when he walks in the door, before he can put down the piles and piles of papers that he brought home with him, his wife says “Hey Ryan, the pipes underneath the bathroom sink upstairs are leaking again.


Now Ryan is really frustrated.


He throws his papers on the counter, creating a tumbling sea of whiteness, and he angrily reaches into his pocket.


As Ryan yanks his smartphone out of his pocket, he raises his voice, “I’ve tried to fix those stupid pipes a million times. Let’s just get a plumber. I’m done dealing with this”


He pounds his fingers onto his smartphone, searching on Google for one of two things:


1. “Plumber near me”

2. “Plumber in Kansas City”


And this is the part of the story that gets really sad for you.


Remember, you’re a plumber in Kansas City and Ryan could obviously use your help.


The problem is this:


Your plumbing business doesn’t show up when Ryan does his Google search.


And Ryan doesn’t have a whole lot of patience.


So unfortunately Ryan gives your main competitor a call and leaves a voicemail. And your competitor ends up doing business with Ryan.


Not only that, over the next 3 or 4 years Ryan uses your competitor’s plumbing services a couple more times.


And just like that, your competitor was able to get $600 worth of business over a couple of years because their SEO was better than yours.

“What does Ryan’s story have to do with my business?”


As a small business owner, there may be dozens of people that are searching on Google for your product or service each day.


And they’re searching with the intent to buy.


So if your SEO isn’t optimized, you might be missing out on thousands, or maybe even tens of thousands, of dollars each year.


“Okay, I understand that SEO is important. But how do I optimize my website for SEO?”

You’re probably thinking that optimizing your website for SEO will be an overwhelming and overly-stressful process.


It may feel like you’re preparing to climb Mt. Everest dressed in clothes that are more appropriate for the beaches of Hawaii.


It doesn’t sound too fun.


On the other hand you may feel obligated to hire an SEO company. And based on all the scammers you’ve read about, you’re not excited about risking hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.


To make things a little easier:


I’ll lay out the top 3 things that you can do this week to optimize your website for SEO.


Even if you’re not well-versed in SEO, there are still a couple of things that you can do that’ll help.


Just take each tactic one at a time.


Create space in your schedule to get things done.


This will take a couple of hours, at least. Remember, SEO takes time and energy. And if you’re going to be spending a lot of time and energy on this, you want to make sure that it’s done properly.


Below are the three steps:


1. Optimize your mobile website so that it loads VERY quickly



Here’s why your mobile website loading speed is so important:


Google recently changed its algorithm to a mobile-first index. So when Google is determining which sites should rank higher than others, it’s looking at the mobile versions of the site first, not the desktop version.


And how do you know if your mobile website loads quickly or not?


It’s really simple: go to Google’s Mobile Website Speed Test and search for your business’s URL.


If Google gives your mobile website a good score, then you’re fine.


But if your mobile website does in fact load slowly, you can do a couple of things to make it load faster.


  • Optimize and minify CSS and JS files by going to one of these Google-approved websites (it’s not that hard, I promise)
  • Make sure your website is simple
  • Reduce the size of images and videos on your website (this is usually a main reason why websites load slowly)


2. Create content that your audience will engage with




Google itself has said that creating engaging content is the most important thing you can do for your SEO.


What is content exactly?


Content can be anything from a blog, to online quizzes, to e-books, to video courses, to a free PDF download.


Your content is going to depend on your business and your audience.


You first need to figure out what content your audience wants. Not what content you want to add to your website.


If it’s an article, make sure every sentence holds the attention of the reader. Add relevant keywords to optimize your SEO for Google’s bots crawling your site.


If it’s a video, make sure the video is high quality (it doesn’t necessarily need to be professionally produced) and that it adds value to the viewer in some way.


Before creating any content, remember the most important piece:


Your content needs to constantly and consistently add value to your audience.


3. Generate backlinks from reputable websites




First: what are backlinks?


If another website adds a hyperlink to your website, that’s known as a backlink. And the more backlinks your website has from reputable websites, the more authoritative Google views you.


But you need to be careful when it comes to backlinks since Google has strict rules.


There are a lot of sketchy softwares out there that claim to get you backlinks.


Or maybe you’ve considered buying backlinks to increase your SEO.


But again, Google has strict rules. A couple of Google’s backlink regulations are below.


  • You can’t pay for backlinks
  • You can’t do link-exchanging (I’ll give you a link if you give me a link)
  • You can’t utilize software that automatically generates backlinks for you
  • You can’t excessively guest-post


You’d be surprised how often Google catches websites doing these things. I’ve worked with many companies who’ve gotten warnings (or even fines) from Google.


So what happens if you’re caught breaking Google’s backlink rules?


  • Usually, you’ll just get a warning and Google will ask you to revert any rules you broke.
  • If it’s excessive (like paying for backlinks) then you’re technically breaking the law. Google will charge you a financial penalty and they’ll take away your rankings for top keywords for at least 6 months.


As of now your palms may be a little sweaty thinking about what that’d be like to get your top keywords taken away from you for 6 months…


And you might be wondering how to generate backlinks legally?


  • It goes back to content – create content that’s shareable and that’s worthy of being shared
  • What sort of content is shareable?
    • Content that tells a story
    • Content that teaches a skill
    • Content that’s organized as a guide or “how-to”
    • Video content