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Trevor and his team at Targeted Laser SEO are true professionals- they are knowledgeable, genuine, and easy to work with. They offer immediately actionable advice, tips, and strategies to bring your business to the next level. Michael Kim


Trevor and the Targeted Laser SEO team are expert and awesome at what they do! Even before we started to discuss a contracted engagement with them, they provided incredible insights that led us to an improved ROI. Kevin Walker


Local SEO for your business in Kansas City establishes a robust online presence for your company exactly where your target audience is most likely to find you- on the first page of search engine results. A well developed SEO strategy determines relevant, timely, and high-demand keywords and phrases that customers will frequently use to find the goods or services that your business provides. These words are then incorporated into your blog, business description, and any other part of your website that is spidered (or searched) by online search engines.

Simply put, local SEO builds a strong bridge between you and your potential customers. But how does local SEO  drive results for your business in Kansas City? Local search uses location-specific search engine results, such as directory listings and map listings, to improve your online search engine rankings. Customers are often turning to the internet to find the product or service they are looking for in the exact moment they need it. There isn’t a better way to bridge the gap between you and your customers by appearing at the top of online search engine results, especially in a map graphic that is near your client’s location. There’s no better time to connect with a potential customer than at the exact moment they need you!

Mobile internet searches are rapidly increasing, so local SEO in Kansas City should be a part of your marketing strategy. An added benefit of ranking locally is that it is inexpensive to do (especially compared to large-scale direct mail, local print advertisements, and other similar tactics). With local SEO there is less risk of over-exposure, or paying for a service that has difficult-to-track results.

When a search engine verifies your business, website, etc., they are indicating to the consumer, “It’s okay to trust this company.” Think of this as word of mouth on a huge scale. The power of positive word of mouth marketing is particularly useful for a small or medium sized business. For these companies, appearing in local results is the first step toward success. Having a strong online presence to back up the local results is the next step. Your website, blog, social media strategy, pricing strategy, and more all need to work together to convince the customer to visit your location and buy now.

Ranking locally for Kansas City is a growing trend that is only becoming more significant. Now is the best time for you to take advantage of these methods,  because more often than not, customers are using search engines to find what they need in a simple but resourceful search, By taking steps now to attract local customers, you will gain an edge over your competitors because you are growing your business by focusing on customers who are nearby and ready to make a purchase.

Local SEO Services in Kansas City: How It Boosts Small Businesses

The world wide web is inarguably a great source of opportunity for businesses, from the multinational corporations down to the small-to-medium enterprises. From this standpoint, it’s easy to see why business owners have incorporated online marketing strategies into their respective operations in the hopes of raising their revenues.

Local VS Traditional

Search engine optimization is a strategic implementation of utilizing keywords, algorithms, and content to improve a website’s ranking in search engine results. The higher the rankings, the more traffic will be pushed to the site, while captivating potential clients and customers. Although the benefits seem attractive, the business owner has to be keen about its complexities. Before investing in SEO efforts, it’s much better to understand a few basics such as accurately differentiating between general SEO and local SEO services.

For small businesses, trying to appeal to a worldwide target audience may seem unrealistic. Entrepreneurs who are hoping to amass customers in a specific location should consider starting with local SEO.

What Makes It Relevant?

Choosing an SEO company for your business in Kansas City is unique. First, business owners must have a clear vision of their marketing goals and objectives before our SEO company can begin increasing your rankings. This includes knowing the target audience.

The Perksas

Perhaps the biggest benefit is its cost-effectiveness and affordability. Compared to other advertising mediums, ranking locally in Kansas City for the goods and services your business provides can increase visibility on local searches without emptying your wallet. Another benefit is that it makes it easier for entrepreneurs to market the business locally. For instance, using the keyword phrase “tattoo removal in Kansas City” would increase your rankings faster and easier than a keyword phrase like “tattoo removal.”

Running out of prospective customers is nearly impossible with the advent of the internet. Incorporating our services to help your business rank locally in Kansas City in your business marketing strategy is one way to improve the traffic to your site, and ultimately increase your business clientele list.