The work we did for Nevada Benefits is the same type of work we can do for your medical practice as well. We are super proud and excited at the results we produced for this medical insurance broker. Nevada benefits is primarily located in Vegas meaning that ranking for local terms would be extremely competitive and it was. However, our unique and 100% proven SEO startegies did not disappoint and resulted in us DOMINATING THE COMPETITON and ranking their site in the #1 spot organically and in the 3 Pack.



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At Targeted Laser SEO, we have developed our own proven strategies to rank our clients in the most effective, efficient, and sustainable ways possible. These very proven ways are what we used to rank our client, Nevada Benefits. To rank them we had to do a complete consultation of all ranking factors. We break these ranking factors down into three categories that are all extremely vital to implement SEO successfully. These 3 areas are, On Page, Off Page, and Social. We will discuss these now.

1. On-Page Optimization & SEO 
On page includes all things that take place on your own site or the site that you are trying to rank. This includes content, images, sliders, and everything in between. In order to be successful, we have to take a long and in-depth look at all on page factors to make sure that we build a great foundation for the rest of our efforts. For Nevada Benefits, we knew the industry the compete in, Health Insurance is extremely competitive in the Las Vegas region. With this being said it made it extremely important that all our content and on page factors were optimized and put together in a way that would allow us to outrank our competition in the future.

2. Social Signals Help You Rank Online

Social Signals and Local Citations are just a few different important ranking factors that fall under the social umbrella. Social factors are extremely important because social signals look extremely credible in Google’s algorithm because when people like and share your business it makes it seem very popular and relevant. For example, if people are raving about your services all over the net then Google is probably going to rank your site fairly well even without the other two categories being touched on. Our first step with any client is to build out all their social properties and citations on high automotive social media networks and directories all over the web. This gives us a great foundation to start building backlinks which fall under the off page category of search engine optimization.

3. Off Page Optimization and Link Building for Local SEO

After the first two steps have been set in place and are providing a solid foundation we continue then with possibly the most important part, the off page factors. When someone refers to off page SEO they are referring to all the back links that are built and point back to your site to make it more authoritative and more relevant in Google’s eyes For example, if you own a medical website and want it to rank higher in the SERPs then you need to build articles and links on other reputable sites that are relevant to your site and point links in the article back your site. This is perhaps the most technical and important step of SEO and should only be attempted by an expert which is why we focus our efforts on delivering the best medical SEO services.

These three steps, while we didn’t even scratch the surface, are what allow us to rank all our clients in an effective and efficient manner. We make sure that we pay attention to every minute detail so that each small details add up to make sure they site is a 100% optimized and ready to dominate the Google rankings.

If you are ready to take the next step and dominate the Google rankings then don’t waste any more time. SEO is one of the highest ROI platforms available for practitioners looking to grow their business.

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