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Michael and Trevor at Targeted Laser SEO meet with me at my salon. Two of the most knowledgeable SEO pros I’ve worked with. They said give me three weeks and you’ll be on the first page of Google. I was there in two weeks. Thanks guys. Patric Carrillo


Trevor and his team at Targeted Laser SEO are true professionals- they are knowledgeable, genuine, and easy to work with. They offer immediately actionable advice, tips, and strategies to bring your business to the next level. Michael Kim


Trevor and the Targeted Laser SEO team are expert and awesome at what they do! Even before we started to discuss a contracted engagement with them, they provided incredible insights that led us to an improved ROI. Kevin Walker


Who Are We?


Targeted Laser SEO is a Denver local SEO company. We’ve been SEO optimization experts for many years now, and have helped dozens and dozens of businesses increase their SEO and consequently BOOST business.


If you don’t believe us, you can take a look at some of our case studies by clicking the “Case Studies” tab at the top of the page.


Or simply give us a call – we’ll be happy to chat during a free consultation.



Why do you need SEO?


This is not a sales pitch. These are simply the facts of SEO.


Well, first let’s think about this:


You’re here on this site, right?


You probably searched “Denver Search Engine Optimization,” “local search marketing Denver,” or maybe “local search engine optimization services.”


So, just the fact that you searched those things proves that your business is lacking in some areas.


And I’m almost positive that SEO can help:


Increasing your SEO is essentially like hiring a salesman that will work for you 24 hours a day.



Remember this overly-energetic salesman for the ShamWow (does that thing even exist anymore?)?


Yeah, if you’ve got good SEO it’s like having someone like him working for you 24/7. Not a bad deal.


There’s always going to be people searching on Google for businesses (like yours) that can solve their problems or make their lives easier through your products and/or services.


If you’re not capitalizing on the thousands (or potentially tens of thousands) of the locals that are searching on Google, then you’re REALLY missing out



Winning with your Denver Local SEO starts with how your site is setup and running.



Let’s put it like this:


You have a horrible website? Then your foundation is weak and you’re not getting as much business was you could be.


SEO starts with having a beautifully designed, value-adding, keyword optimized site.


Does this sound like your site?


How do you get your site to perform to increase SEO?



Mobile digital marketing is the key to everything.


But what does mobile advertising have to do with your website?


I’ll explain:


Your website needs to be built for mobile-first. Google has now changed their algorithm to be a “Mobile First Index.”


This means that Google sees your mobile site as the primary site OVER your desktop version.


Let me backup:


Over half of small business out there don’t even have a website!


Don’t believe me?


Take a look at this article.


So first things first – if you don’t have a website go buy your domain name and use a site like Wix, Weeby, or Squarespace to simply have something live on the internet.


But let’s say you have a website, right?



Here are a couple tactics to optimize your website to increase SEO




First, your site should be simple and clean.


Don’t have a million tabs or make it confusing for folks to figure out what’s going on.


If they don’t know what which tab they’re supposed to click or what the purpose of your website is, then they’re probably just going to leave your site.


So what should your site have?


Second, you should clearly state how you can help them on your website + have a call-to-action (all of this above the fold).



Above the fold simply means this:


When somebody comes to your website, whatever he or she can see without scrolling or clicking any buttons is considered “above the fold”


So, when somebody comes to your site the first thing they should “learn” is how they can benefit from your product or service.


Remember, they don’t care about you and your business.


They only care how you and your business can benefit them. So make that the focal point.


Also, ensure that you have a “call-to-action” above the fold.


This would probably be a button that says something like “Click Here for a Free Consultation” or “Click Here to Get 20% Off Your Next Purchase”


Third, your site should load quickly.


If your site takes more than just a couple of seconds to load then folks are immediately going to back out and leave.


And when they leave, where do you think they’re going to go?


Yep, they’re going to go straight to a competitor’s site and probably buy from them.


Just the simple fact that your website loads slowly could be costing you lots of money…


Google will hate you if you don’t do those three things from above (AKA your SEO will be really bad…)



Here’s why:


If you’re site isn’t simple, doesn’t focus on how the potential customer can benefit, doesn’t have a call to action, and/or loads slowly, then people will leave your site.


And they’ll probably leave your site quickly.


What this does is it increases your bounce rate. Your bounce rate is “the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.”


And the higher your bounce rate, the more Google hates you.


And the more Google hates you, the lower your SEO.


If you implement those three strategies from above, your SEO will start organically increasing.


But there are many more strategies you can use to increase your SEO.


Want to learn more of those strategies to increase your SEO?



Simply give us a call for your free consultation.


Here are a couple of common questions about SEO that we’ve answered.


Q: How long does it take for SEO to start working?


A: The generic answer is that it’ll take around 4 to 6 months before you start seeing results with SEO.


But it really depends on your business, if you’re implementing the correct SEO tactics, and if you’re remaining diligent throughout the whole process.


One important thing to note is that after 6 months you should be continuing to see your SEO improving. Eventually the results will plateau, but if you’re diligent the results should continually improve. After 12 months your site should be soaring 🙂


Q: How much does SEO cost?



A:  SEO pricing depends on what you’re paying for. If you’re paying for an expert’s help, then it’ll probably cost you in between $500 and $3,000 per month, or between $80 and $200 an hour, depending on the service.


But SEO “technically” doesn’t cost anything. The actual act of improving your SEO – making sure your URL structure is correct, your meta descriptions done properly, generating back-links, creating useful content, filming videos, etc doesn’t actually cost money if you were to do all the work yourself.


So understand that every penny you put into SEO is put into the quality and knowledge of the SEO consultant you hire… You’ll want an SEO expert.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]