We do SEO and digital marketing, because it allows us to have the biggest impact and continue to serve outside of the Army. Armed with years of targeting experience hunting terrorists and finding IEDs, we’re uniquely gifted at knowing the right actions to take which will result in the greatest amount of ROI for you and your business goals. For business owners, it’s the perfect time to dominate online with Search being the method 94% of people use to find their products or services they buy.



We start by identifying what matters, what doesn’t, and what’s going to help you reach your goals online. It’s all about understanding the problem and identifying the right course of action. Also, it’s about knowing how the actions you’ve taken already have worked or not worked. We’re not here to recreate the wheel or waste money and time.


Once we know the way ahead, it’s time to execute. No plan in business is perfect, we believe it’s imperative that we execute with focused intensity and adjust as needed during execution. We move in and take all needed actions to achieve the desired end game. This is where we make 90% of the changes based off our analysis in the “Find“ phase.


It’s about analyzing and looking for ways to make what’s been done that much better. We’re dealing with an ecosystem Google created & prepare you to adapt to the situation on the ground. Here, we do just that by observing how the changes made have altered the situation and what we may need to adjust our efforts towards achievement of the goal.


We’re combat leaders, who continue to serve their country by helping entrepreneurs and business owners dominate their industries online. Specifically, we work with laser aesthetic practice owners, who desire to grow and help more people.


Websites are more than business cards. They must be setup and ready to provide education for consumers. Within the laser aesthetic industry, it’s even more critical to show proof of the successful treatments you provide.


While others will try to get you to take every action; we rely on a targeted strategy focused on achieving the greatest results possible. SEO and Digital Marketing provides the greatest ROI possible for your investment. We focus there to start.


Strategy, planning, and analyzing are all great aspects of a well executed mission, but they’re not the most important aspect. Executing with intensity and staying agile through the execution of a course of action remain the most important aspects of achieving success. We’ll plan more and to more depth than anyone, but we’ll also execute with far greater intensity.


Most folks will standby once they’ve achieved the result and stall their efforts since they’re getting the result they want. We continue to analyze the current situation and the latest news and reports about upcoming Google changes so when it comes, we’re ready to maintain our positioning online and dominance. Once at the top, we push even harder to keep you there.