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  • Either http:// or http://www. version we're either building the site for or doing the marketing for.
  • This is the phone number used on your website and is answered by your business while open.
  • Often, there's one email that tends to be used for all the social media profiles, the hosting, and domain registration.
  • Please input your weekly and weekend business hours if it's not already on your site.
  • These can be goals, or keywords you think your clients are searching for. Often, it's tattoo removal + city or hair removal + city, or Botox + City
  • This is used for creation of social media accounts and local directory listings. It's just a quick rundown of what you do and where you do it.
  • We'll use this description for creating social media accounts that permit longer descriptions so we're doing the best job of describing your clinic's offering and services.
  • Every version you received when it was created we'll need to correctly build or optimize your site and all of your social media profiles.
  • Every version you received when it was created we'll need to correctly build or optimize your site and all of your social media profiles.
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  • This will be used for site and within ads throughout.
  • When running campaigns and building the site, it helps to know what you'd like to showcase and be known for whether it's the best laser, only doing
  • Please list out every area you know you've served clients from. It helps us focus our efforts and get rankings for areas that you will actually get clients in your door from.
  • Commonly, businesses have reviews on Google My Business/Maps, Facebook, Yelp, and sites like Angie's List.
  • If you have all of your logins in one file for social media accounts or overall accounts, just upload it here.
  • We'll need a list of all Social media accounts you currently have.
  • Owner Information (Commonly Used for Yelp Profiles)

  • We just need a number to our primary Point of Contact within your organization, so we know who to call if any issues arrive or to get clarification about some aspect. Usually, this is the person who's overseeing the marketing for your practice.
  • Often, these can both be on GoDaddy, but sometimes they're not. We'll need to know the logins to the hosting account and the domain registration.
  • Note: Previous Business Name, Address & Phone for editing business: (If business was submitted many times by you or other SEO worker)